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The year has been a challenging one for everyone, with COVID-19 consuming our lives. However, one of the exciting things that I’ve noticed is that many people have been documenting their journey throughout the pandemic with candid photography.

So, portraits are currently out, and candid is in, as people don’t want the superpose portrait anymore, and are choosing lifestyle shots that portray realism. Consequently, many of my clients aren’t looking for picture-perfect and instead opting for the raw truth. 

Need some more convincing? Maybe these five quotes from Stock Photo Secrets may inspire you:

“Authentic photography was a favorite trend for 2019, and it’s unsurprising to see its evolution into a slightly different space. While authentic photography focused on real people in real situations, candid photography focuses on the photographer rather than the subject in many cases.” -Stock Photo Secrets

“Unlike deliberately posed portraits, which are specifically designed and staged to achieve a certain look or goal, the aim of a candid shot is to be spur-of-the-moment and sincere. To achieve this, a photographer must blend into their surroundings. To capture truly honest, genuine photography, a photographer has to become invisible. As a result, this can be a challenging type of photography to achieve, but we hope to see an uptick in this compelling photography style.” -Stock Photo Secrets

“Images do tell stories, and there will be plenty of visual storytelling in 2020. The need to have my, yours, his or her story heard will translate into unique images of individuals as well as atypical ways of photographing them. Forget the usual pose, let the story unfold!” -Stock Photo Secrets

“This trend encourages brands to mimic the spontaneous storytelling energy of a ‘candid’ snapshot, a genuine story moment which gives the subject an opportunity to reveal the truth without unnecessary props, artificial lighting or excessive digital retouching. For businesses, it’s about telling simple product stories that elevate the human side of capitalism.” -Stock Photo Secrets

“As an evolving art form, modern portraiture is quietly consuming the selfie, swapping raw spontaneity for constructed digital-vanity. Portraiture carries our deepest insecurities about what it is to be powerless in a social media vacuum that often values aesthetics more than genuine connections. Brands can learn from a renewed focus on simple visual elements.” -Stock Photo Secrets 

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