Three Tips and Tricks For Photographers To Pivot On During The COVID-19 Pandemic

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Finding a good photographer is quite challenging, especially for a person who is unsure of what to look for when hiring one. The best way to find one is by going through their history and reading up on the type of work they have done. People work well with specific types of projects, so it might not be fair to assume that a wedding photographer would be good at covering a conference, or a photographer handling modeling shoots would be ideal for a birthday party. Although there might be some who are, the rules do not apply across the board.

Photography is mainly a social gathering type of requirement, with few portraits, marketing, and branding projects. However, with the recent Coronavirus pandemic, most social events have been put on hold, with a lot of photographers finding themselves out of work. While work has been tough to come by for most people, their only options have been to pivot into something else, or they would find themselves in a difficult spot.

Here are some new tasks that I, as a photographer, pivoted into and are keeping me busy. The saying “these are uncertain times” keeps swirling around all of us and is causing so much doubt and fear that it begins to be paralyzing. Many people find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place, so much so that they throw their hands up, and say, “I am finished!” Not everyone has such a luxury, and it is not an option for those who have people relying on them, which is one of the main reasons we have to pivot to stay in the fight for our livelihood.

When we pivot from one thing to another, we do so with tasks that we understand quite well. That is why most people end up moving to a hobby that they were doing on the side and turning it into their primary source of income. No matter what, people mainly settle and work on similar lines to things they have done in the past.

The changes taking place because of the COVID 19 pandemic began forcing a lot of people to pivot from the work they do to something along similar lines. It caused me to get creative on connecting and resonating with my clientele, which is when I decided to start mini sessions that are affordable, memorable, and creative amongst this quarantine lifestyle.

Besides working as a photographer and connecting with an audience through mini sessions, I stay connected with my clients through my social media, especially Instagram and Facebook, which is where I get most of them. I might not be the best at keeping in touch, but I do my best and spend a significant amount of time there.

My job generally needs me to work with clients at the studio, or on-ground shoots, so I have to meet people. However, with the pandemic hitting, I started working remotely to avoid meeting and interacting with people in person, which can be quite dangerous. Overall, it has been immensely rewarding. I have not had any new challenges with it, although I am still getting used to it for the most part. I do maintain the social distancing laws when meeting people in my office, but I am open to meeting them when needed.

I am open to meeting my clients and still capturing their portraits at the studio if needed. I try to be respectful about space and distance, especially in light of the pandemic and the Government rules. 

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