Quarantine 2020

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Blog by Tyler B Photography

One major benefit of quarantine for me was the amount of brainpower that I truly gained. You don’t realize the amount of brain bandwidth that you use until it is gone. I was able to slow down, breathe, feel, and experience so much more since being home. I was able to notice the sound of birds chirping outside, I was able to see the contrast of rolling brush against the blue sky, I was able to truly breathe again. I am almost to a place that I can create my own habits and routines without anyone or anything dictating what I must do or where I must be. This was revolutionary, especially in my creativity. The most artist works off of feeling, whether that be a good feeling or not. When they do have space to feel they end up being less creative. All this to say quarantine was a pivotal time for me and my creative process. I discovered new locations, new features on my camera, and made beautiful art. Here are a few of my favorites.

I love using double exposure and trying different poses with it.

I loved the movement of my daughters dress so wanted to capture that.

I loved how the light hit my husband’s face, I keep imagining it in black and white and I am really pleased with how it turned out.

I had this roll of flowers for my spring sessions, that ended up not happening, and wanted to incorporate them in a session so I made them into a crown and then used them in contrast with the floral wallpaper in my daughter’s room. I really love them together.