Senior Photo Tips

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Blog by Tyler B Photography

Senior photos are a time to capture the “YOU” that your senior has become. The things that encompass their personality and play a central role in their self-discovery. Here are some tips that can help you make it the best experience possible.

  1. Plan outfits out ahead of time. Within the session there is normally enough time to change at least three times. Keep in mind there are not ideal places to change on location so make sure that they are easy changes.
  2. Simple Is Better. Many high school requirements don’t allow there to be any type of writing or pictures on clothing, so be mindful when picking your outfits. You don’t want the clothing to take away from “YOU”.
  3. Think of color. Color is an incredibly great thing. It brings out features and natural skin tones rather than that washed out look in photos. So definitely consider that when choosing outfits.
  4. Try to find clothing that is flattering on YOU. It is particularly important that the senior feel confidant and therefore look confident. So be mindful when it comes to things like spaghetti straps, tight clothing, and neck lines.
  5. Jewelry is not the focus, so let’s not let IT be the photo. These photos are not for a jewelry magazine. The senior is the star. Jewelry can also be trendy so remember it will date the photo so classic jewelry is best.
  6. Apply daytime makeup with a little sprucing up. Senior photos are supposed to reflect the “YOU” of your senior! So, stay true to that. It is so enticing to get all “glammed up”! But you do not want to look back and see a stranger in these pictures. You can spruce up your look with a little blush and lip color but nothing to intense. **Make sure to bring a little gloss and maybe translucent powder to your session for touch-ups. **
  7. Hair, Hair, Hair…Please Care. Generally speaking, it is a good rule of thumb to keep hair tamed and brushed. It is not necessary to go and get hair done, but I completely understand the urge to. It is also important to bring hairspray comb or brush. You never know what the wind may do to that perfectly sculpted hair.
  8. Shave. I suggest having a fresh shave and or a neatly trimmed bread/moustache.
  9. Don’t be concerned about braces. I know it can be disappointing to still have those braces your senior year. However, it is a part of your journey… don’t hide it, just embrace it.
  10. Tanning Anyone? I know that tanning can be a concern. However, be aware that it can show up in photos as unnatural. It’s better to adjust coloring then have to correct it.
  11. To have glasses on or not have glass on? If you wear glasses daily, then it would only make sense to wear them in your photos. (You might want to consider ordering similar frames that don’t have lenses in them to avoid glare and reflection.)
  12. Have Clean Hands. Don’t forget to have clean hands, clip fingernails and clean off old nail polish. You would hate to have that be the first thing someone noticed in your photos.
  13. Be conscious of your body movements and facial expressions. Make sure to practice poses and facial expressions in the mirror so you can really see what YOU look like with your choices. If you do not feel comfortable about what you are doing, then it will show in the photo. Do not be fearful of trying standing, sitting, crouching, or even leaning.
  14. Bring on the props. It is encouraged that you include all elements of who you are in our sessions so bring sporting equipment, instruments, hats, pets, books, or any other props that help show off who you are.
  15. Feel free to bring people with you. It is always helpful to have a helping hand during our session. That person can help hold props, help get you changed, or help maintain hair and touch ups.
  16. BE comfortable with your photographer. Idealistically you want to feel confident the day of your session and you want your photographer to help you look your absolute best. The last thing you want to feel is intimidated or ashamed so make sure your photographer has a decent bedside manner. Also, communicate with the photographer and make sure they know what you like and want. You would hate photos that do not show who you are, so make sure your desires are known too.