Front Porch Mini Sessions

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Blog by Tyler B Photography

This season of quarantine has been so crazy and it has been uncharted territory that has left us with so much uncertainty and fear. This fear as driven us so much that we almost feel paralyzed… wanting to hide until it is all over. What I have learned is I cannot hide. I have to provide for my family. I cannot put my head in the sand and hope to God I will come out on top by the end. I must pivot. I have to get creative and I have to try new things. These new things might not necessarily be my style but some of these things that can create new and different beauty. So it was suggested to me to follow social distancing guidelines but to offer “Front Porch Sessions.” These sessions are where I come to your house, keep my distance, but capture your family. Whether that be your kids, your fur babies, or just you. Some of them were silly and others simply posed. This resonated with so many and I think it was because it helped to show what life really is now and that we can do anything together with the ones we love. It’s a lot of Amazon deliveries. It is a lot of screen time whether that be for entertainment or communication. It is a lot of house projects and family time. It is a lot of Netflix and wine and it’s a lot more coffee. It’s a shift in our world that I wanted to capture. Here was a few that I captured.